April 13, 2023



  • Which applications fund doesn`t work with?

We are not accepting individual requests for the help to concrete military defender, or requests from relatives, friends or acquaintances with the appeal to provide their closest. Our priority is helping subdivisions only with official requests with stamp and signature.

We don`t operate individual orders for charity contributions.( for example if you sent money to fund`s accounts and want that we help some proper equipment to proper subdivision).

Requests from volunteers or other people, without direct request from the subdivision`s command.

Requests on delivery your help to militaries (for example if you bought something for concrete person or subdivision and want to send it through fund.

Requests, told via phone of our organization, sent to private messages of fund`s team, left in comments or messages of fund and its representatives.

  • How to avoid scammers, that pretend to be fund or its representatives?

We ask to be cautious ! official site https://goviking.com.ua/,where you can also find social medias of site. Send money only understood that they are fund requisites. If you find scam, message us please!

  • Can equipment be bought and sent to fund for further division?

Yes. Write us viking.go2022@gmail.com or phone us to organization number

+38(097) 117-03-31, to discuss actual needs or details to send equipment of fund.

Didn`t find the answer? Our volunteers will help +38 (097) 117-03-31


  • Where are the official accounts of fund?

Fund and representatives give link to official site https://goviking.com.ua/, where are all possible requisites are. Don`t trust private persons, that send you side card numbers or bank accounts.

In case if our partner starts collecting on his accounts to needs of our fund, make sure that this is official information or dealt collaboration.

  • Can charity contribution be sent back?

Charity contributions aren`t sent back. Please, check information before sending. If you are sending abroad, make sure that you chase correct currency.

  • Card sending doesn`t work during collecting of the fund?

Please try in some time later. We are sure that accounts are correct, but in recent times Ukrainians donate so often that bank system is overloaded, so you should wait a little.

Also you can make IBAN sending on bank account.

Didn`t find the answer? Our volunteers will help. +38(097) 117-03-31


  • Our company wants to be fund`s partner, where to apply?

Please, contact us via email or to private messages in social medias with the offer about partnership.

  • How to become a partner of concrete direction in fund?

Get to know please, with all direction of fund`s activity in our social medias. Understood with direction of partnership and help, message us on email or make charity contribution with the notice to concrete direction or collection.

  • Can we become fund`s volunteer?

Now fund doesn`t need more volunteers, but in case of searching we will publish request in social medias of our fund.

  • How the fund is functioned?

The foundation team does not take any percentage of charitable contributions to help the army or humanitarian aid to civilians.

We are able to cover team salaries and other operational needs through specific partnerships with companies that make direct contributions to support the foundation, individual grants, or direct charitable contributions to the fund's operating activities.

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How to get help on de-ocuppied territories?

If you are in the de-occupied territories and need help, you can leave a request in our Telegram channel according to the filling form.

In the comments on the Telegram channel, write your full name, settlement, needed help (food, medicine, hygiene, baby food and diapers), the number of residents in the community, and the phone number of the village head/head or SMT for contact and confirmation of information.

Aid to de-occupied villages is delivered only by volunteers of the foundation, accompanied by photo and video reports and necessary documents signed by village elders/heads.

Aid is not sent by new mail or other transport companies.


If you need to evacuate civilians from hot spots, from de-occupied territories, evacuate people with limited mobility and the elderly, you can write to us by mail or on social networks with the full name, contact phone number and number of people.

We do not evacuate people from territories not controlled by Ukraine.


Our foundation can help in setting up training points and indomitable points in villages where there is such a need and where such points have not yet been opened.

To open points, it is necessary to submit a request by e-mail or in private messages on social networks of the fund; indicate the name of the settlement, the number of children/people currently living in the settlement, the full name and phone number of the village headman/head to confirm the information. Before submitting the project for the opening of points, our volunteers will definitely come to the settlement to clarify the information and, in case of confirmation of the need, will start the implementation of the project.

Haven`t found answers? Our volunteers will help +38 (097) 117-03-31